HAWK 8000

Connected building management

Hawk 8000 - All systems

under one control

HAWK 8000 is an extremely powerful controller and integration platform. Designed to reduce operating costs, the controller utilises the CentraLine NX platform to connect multiple and diverse HVAC and non-HVAC devices and systems on one unified platform.

Connecting all systems in a facilty yields numerous benefits, including

1. large energy efficiency gains by

  • controlling the energy generation based on the demand from the individual rooms, using the proven CentraLine Application Library
  • synchronizing room management across temperature, lighting and blind control, in accordance with EN 15232

2. easy upgrade, renovation, and change of rooms with the EnOcean-based EasyClickPro room control portfolio

3. safe building operation by integrating fire, safety, access control and CCTV applications

and many more.

Please find the product catalog with all versions, technical details and documentation HERE

Designed to integrate. Driven to maximise savings.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

The HAWK 8000 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management of HVAC and non-HVAC systems alike. As an embedded IoT controller and server platform connecting multiple systems, it also offers you anytime, anywhere access to your facility management systems thanks to its Internet connectivity and web serving capability.

The NX meta data concept empowers effective decision-making based on meaningful, real-time data. Additional information can be tagged to any integrated object offering a new level of simplification in regards to structuring, searching and preparing data for analysis.

Intuitive and User-friendly interface

Benefit from a secure and responsive interface that allows you to view all applications with real-time data streaming and rich graphic displays via a standard web browser.

The controller is equipped with HTML 5 and Wi-Fi, which enables you to access your system data via Ethernet or wireless LAN from anywhere, at any time. What’s more, you can assign function roles or limit access for designated users and provide usecase-specific information.

Transparent Energy Management

The supervisor platform provides global schedule and calendar functions, even for devices without an internal schedule function.

A full suite of energy management functions and report options is available for the HAWK 8000 as ENERGY VISION, the CentraLine energy management suite, can be run on he controller. This allows for the necessary oversight of your applications in order to make the right decisions related to energy efficiency and energy saving.

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Flexible installation, reliable operation
The easy-to-install modular design offers you standard enclosures with tool free expansion and scalable memory options. The controller is compatible with DIN43880 enclosures and suitable for panel mounting or EN50022 Standard 35-mm rail mounting.

Integration Versatility
In addition to dual Ethernet and two integrated field bus interfaces, HAWK 8000 supports four pluggable expansion modules to connect up to seven field buses.

I/O Scalability
The CentraLine Panel-Bus IO modules provide safe application control with configurable safety positions. They support application sizes from small appliances to large systems with over 1000 IOs.

Reliable operation
Optional manual override switches (HOA) allow to safely operate outputs, independent of the controller. As a further safety mechanism the signal of every output can be optionally configured to a desired level/state, in case of communication interruption to the controller.

Cross-application safety
Integrating safety, fire, access control, CCTV and many more applications HAWK 8000 speeds up detection of safety-related areas. E.g. it can point cameras to a detected fire and simultaneously close fresh air dampers. Integrated lighting control can signal emergency condition and guide to evacuation ways.

Cyber Security
HAWK 8000 incorporates industry best practices for cyber security. This includes features such as JAVA-free access via web-browsers, signed firmware, encrypted application, encrypted communication, role-based access control and enforcement of strong passwords including expiration and renewal. Furthermore, an audit log provides tracking of all user actions.

Niagara eXtended (NX) is the CentraLine building management system. It is expanded upon the industry-leading Niagara software platform and offers additional benefits and value to CentraLine customers and partners.


ARENA NX by CentraLine is a powerful integration and supervision platform, offering a unified vision across all building subsystems. ENERGY VISION puts you in control of your building’s energy consumption.

Plant Control

CentraLine offers a comprehensive line of connected building management controllers for a variety of applications including HVAC and fully integrated solutions. CentraLine-specific are two further components:

Application Library
The CentraLine Application Library ensures unparalleled energy efficiency as well as maximum application reliability. Energy Class A can be attained to meet international standards such as EN 15232.

Panel BUS IO Concept
Designed to be robust and scalable, the CentraLine Panel Bus Input/Output modules support application sizes from small appliances to large systems with over 1000 IOs.

Room Control

Our extensive offering of configurable and programmable room solutions ensures both customer comfort and high-energy efficiency. Easily integrate wireless lighting and blind control solutions in accordance with EN 15232.

Investment Safeguard

Niagara eXtended allows for seamless integration of Honeywell legacy installations, including C-Bus, Lon and BACnet systems. This minimises cost of change and offers additional flexibility to upgrade installations to the Internet of Things.