Integrated Building Management - Security

Security Access Control


Safety and security of tenants in a building, as well as protection of critical areas are essential to many applications. Depending on the building, this includes one or more of the following aspects:

  • Access control: Controlling the access of individuals to defined areas of the building. This means providing access only to those who are authorized, at times they are authorized.
  • Intrusion detection: Detecting unauthorized access from intruders to the building with customized reporting of events to the relevant parties.
  • CCTV: Surveillance of the buildings’ interior and/or exterior areas to recognize unauthorized access or theft.
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Through the ProWatch and Galaxy systems, Honeywell provides a series of leading edge solutions for access control and intrusion detection. Both of these solutions, as well as other security solutions provided, offer an open protocol interface through e.g. oBIX, BACnet, LON or ModBus and can be integrated into the CentraLine BMS system. This provides value added functions to the building operator:

  • Monitoring intrusion alarms and area status as part of a common BMS supervisor. This greatly facilitates monitoring of distinct systems installed in a building under a unique frontend and provides an excellent overview of the overall building status.
  • Monitoring the door status of the access control system
  • Automatically or manually override doors of the access control system. This can be used e.g. to open doors that lead into / out of an area in which fire is detected.
  • Understanding whether areas are occupied or unoccupied (and even by how many people they are occupied) to automatically drive the HVAC controls. This means only if somebody uses his access credentials to access a zone, the zone is heated or cooled. Once a area is completely unoccupied, the systems can be switched off to save energy.
  • Monitor CCTV cameras and networked video recorders from the BMS system. Operate CCTV cameras and networked video recorders manually or automatically from the BMS system. This could be used to e.g. point a camera to an area in which a fire is detected.
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Security Management



Pro-Watch Professional Edition

Complete security functionality with more options for medium-sized organizations with up to 64 doors or organizations requiring integrated processes or regulatory compliance.


Pro-Watch Corporate Edition

Complete security for larger organizations and campuses. Additional high availability options make this edition the optimal choice for organizations requiring 24/7 business continuity plans for their security system.


Galaxy Dimension series (GD48. GD96. GD520)

Control panel series for up to 520 sensors and 32 independent areas



ARENA is a web-based supervisor for HVAC systems and non-HVAC systems (e.g., Lighting, Shading, Security, Life Safety, etc.). Open systems based on standards such as BACnet, LONWORKS, OPC, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, SNMP, and others can be directly integrated in the supervisor.