Integrated Building Management - Lighting and shading

Lighting & Shading


After room conditioning (space heating, cooling, and ventilation), lighting is the second biggest contributor to the energy bill in commercial buildings. As such, it provides massive opportunities for savings. Modern lighting solutions go beyond just managing the light level: With human centric lighting control by control luminaire color temperature to match natural circadian rhythms helps to optimizing occupant wellbeing and 

productivity and with adaptation of light color helps to perfectly adapt the lighting solution to the occupant's needs or the room's design. In combination with an integrated strategy for smart blinds control, the saving potential increases disproportionately: Harvesting sunlight in the winter helps to save heating energy, while intelligent shading in the summer helps to save cooling energy.

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CentraLine offers with DALI64 a 64 Address DALI 2 lighting control system embedded into a state of the art Multi sensor (motion sensor and light level measuring) that natively integrates over Modbus with the MERLIN NX freely programmable room controller and the ARENA NX supervisor for integrated room automation and to create SMART building solutions.

Intuitive and efficient commissioning

A simplified commissioning will be enabled with the intuitive Light Touch commissioning App which allows to connect to the DALI system over Bluetooth and conduct a bus scan. 

Any luminaire or DALI device is visually presented in a carousel and can be dragged and dropped with a simple one finger action into a user defined map of the space. Once you have all your lights and devices positioned on your building map you can then set up groups and scenes with minimum fuss.

DALI64 Benefits

  • Installation cost savings: no additional PIR sensor and light controller or gateway to install and wire
  • Commissioning efficiency: simplify commissioning with intuitive and fast DALI addressing and positioning over app per drag & drop from 1 person. Up to 16 groups and 16 scenes can be defined very quick.
  • Efficient maintenance - Feedback Dali ballast status and running hours enable proactive maintenance and avoid building tenant disruption by broken lights. Replacing of luminaires and re-address can even be made by facilities managers.
  • Energy cost savings: by Daylight harvesting functionality (Automatic constant light control)

The CentraLine DALI64 solution including occupancy detection integrates seamlessly into the supervisor, enabling additional SMART building functionalities such as building occupancy analysis.

System Benefits

  • Optimizing occupant wellbeing and productivity: with human centric lighting control by control luminaire color temperature to match natural circadian rhythms
  • Facility cost savings: with SMART building analysis for Staff or Building space optimization or create real time energy management and maintenance reports
  • Staff optimization by create cleaning roster based on occupancy to save time and money
  • Building space optimization by reporting frequency of usage of various spaces such as meeting rooms
  • Maintenance cost savings through predictive maintenance schedules minimize occupant disruption
  • Energy cost savings by integrated and demand driven RC in accordance with class A of the EN 15232 and predict optimum start and stop times based on historical occupancy data

All CentraLine lighting solutions can be installed, commissioned, and operated independently from the BMS. This is essential for stand-alone commissioning and operation of the lighting control solution, and thus for the separation of responsibilities for different trades. The lighting will remain fully functional even if the BMS system is down, which is an advantage over combined systems where the lighting control runs inside BMS devices.

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Integrated Building Management - Lighting and shading




DALI64 is a fully featured DALI2 addressable lighting control system embedded within a best in class PIR sensor which include Modbus and BLE interfaces.



Wireless and batteryless system for lighting, shutter and room temperature control, based on the market leading EnOcean standard. Energy efficient, maintenance free, extensive and flexible where use of space utilization changes.



With Niagara eXtended freely programmable BACnet MS/TP room controller, integrating ligting and shading.


Integration of lighting and blind controls with the CentraLine BMS system provides two advantages:

  1. Energy consumption can be minimized by actively managing blinds and lights as part of the temperature control solution.
  2. The safety of the building tenants can be increased by actively managing blinds and lights as part of the overall fire and smoke control application.

Minimizing energy consumption

Depending on factors like the room setpoint and the outside air temperature, rooms require either heating or cooling energy to maintain comfortable level. As thermal insulation measures continue to be enacted, solar gains play a central role in the energy balance sheet of buildings: Solar radiation passes through the windows into rooms, and when it hits surfaces such as the floor, walls, or furniture, it is converted into heat. In the summer, this could lead to "overheating" of rooms, even if the outside temperature is below the desired room temperature. Typically, cooling systems would kick-in to reduce the space temperature, but this is a costly undertaking. It is more energy-efficient to use automated shading to prevent excessive heating-up when it is not desired. This means closing the blinds automatically when the sun is shining and the room temperature is at or above the setpoint.

In the winter, the shades can help to "harvest" solar radiation to save heating energy: Opening the shades automatically on sunny days will use the natural heat from the sun for minimizing the energy consumption for heating.

Increased safety

In integrated CentraLine solutions, the BMS system is automatically informed about fire conditions. As a result, actions such as the following can be triggered automatically:

  • Sunblinds are opened and locked in the topmost position to allow easy access of the fire fighters to the building and possibly evacuation of people through windows.
  • Once a fire is detected, room lights can start to flash to help inform people about critical conditions in the building. Lights can then be switched on automatically so that the evacuation route can be more-easily found.
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