CentraLine System

Niagara eXtended (NX) is the CentraLine building management system. It is expanded upon the industry-leading Niagara software platform and offers additional benefits and value to CentraLine customers and partners.

NX – Niagara eXtended

Integrated Building Management

Supervision & Energy Management

ARENA NX by CentraLine is a powerful integration and supervision platform, offering a unified vision across all building subsystems. It reduces the complexity of managing different applications, thus maximizing uptime and reducing operational efforts.

ENERGY VISION NX by CentraLine is an extension module to the supervision platform, which gives you even more control over a building’s environmental performance and costs.


Integration & HVAC Plant Control

CentraLine offers a comprehensive line of HVAC plant controllers, which optimise energy consumption and extend the lifetime of heating plant equipment, chillers and air-handling units. Extensive application libraries for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling solutions provide pre-tested, highly efficient algorithms, yielding reductions of up to 30% in energy consumption.

CentraLine is integrating all building management systems, such as HVAC, lighting, shading, fire, smoke and intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control

HAWK 8000

Room Management

CentraLine offers a wide variety of room controllers for HVAC room applications (e.g. fan coil units, chilled ceiling, hydronic heating or VAV applications). The CentraLine controller portfolio also includes solutions to control lighting, shutters and blinds. Finally, our EnOcean-based EasyClickPro wireless light and blind control solutions are an excellent choice for retrofit projects.



EASY CLICK (Lighting, Shading, Temp.)


Fire & Security


Hotel Reservation

Legacy HVAC
EXCEL 5000

Field Devices

Controlling the efficiency of a system is heavily dependent upon the quality of the connected field devices and the information these provide.

CentraLine offers a complete range of field devices, including:


A range of devices for measuring temperature, humidity, air quality and pressure. The wireless sensors deliver significant benefits in terms of ease of installation and cost.


The CentraLine range of field devices is complemented by a portfolio of intelligent meters for heat, flow and electricity.


Valves & Actuators

The range of valves and actuators cover all HVAC applications including 2-way and 3-way linear valves. Choose from a multitude of actuators including: thermic, linear, rotary, direct coupled actuators for air dampers, ventilation flaps, louvres and VAV-units.

Variable Speed Drives

The range starts at 3.3 Amps and scales to 310 Amps. Drives are available in IP21 and IP54 versions.