Integrated Building Management - Supervision



Modern facilities contain a large variety of technical systems that manage, control, or monitor specific aspects of the building. Such subsystems include:

  • Comfort control (typically with temperature, humidity, and/or air quality control)
  • Lighting and shading control
  • Intrusion detection
  • CCTV – Video Surveillance
  • Access control to protected building areas
  • Fire and smoke control

A consistent look and feel to access all these subsystems through a unified supervisor platform helps to reduce the complexity of managing the building, and thus eliminates operating errors. The training effort for the building operators is also significantly reduced.

Supervising subsystems should not be possible only through a fixed supervisor installation in a control room. The supervisor should additionally allow for mobile status information and operation in case operators are working outside the control room.

In critical environments, the supervisor should ensure continuous operation with minimum system downtime even if hardware failures occur. Finally, in a market which is continuously innovating, it is essential that new bus protocols (including proprietary protocols) can be flexibly added without changing the running installation and that legacy systems are also supported. These functions protect investments of the past and make the system robust for future extensions.

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The CentraLine ARENA supervisor is based on the world leading Niagara integration platform. This platform is designed from ground up to support integration scenarios across all trades in a building through a variety of supported bus protocols. The supervisor can handle standard protocols for building automation such as BACnet, LONWORKS, OPC, SNMP, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, and ObiX. It also supports integration with intrusion detection and access control systems such as the Honeywell Galaxy and ProWatch, as well as fire panels from Honeywell Esser and Notifier, amongst others. CCTV systems from different vendors are smoothly integrated, including Honeywell Maxpro, RapidEye, Milestone, Dedicated Micros, and Axis. OPC connectivity provides smooth integration of many 3rd-party protocols, including those typically used in industrial systems. The unparalleled connectivity and the harmonization of user interfaces across distinct technical subsystems provide excellent ease of use for the building operator and utmost efficiency for servicing all trades in the building.

The software architecture of the ARENA supervisor supports modular extension of the connectivity, allowing integration of protocols that are not yet supported. This makes the solution very flexible, future-proof, and thus protects investments.

Even though the supervisor is based on the latest technology, it supports integration of Honeywell legacy installations through the CBUS protocol, giving existing customers peace of mind and a way to migrate their installed system smoothly towards open, web-based solutions.

The supervisor software is entirely web based, and thus suitable for browser operation. For visualisation and operation at cabinets can be used HTML5 WEB-HMI with capacitive multitouch-screen with zoom feature. Through HTML5 "mobile web pages" connected systems can be remotely operated from a mobile device, such as a tablet or a smart phone. Alarms can be forwarded, the plants' graphical representation can be viewed, and schedules and points can be overridden. Reports and trends are made transparent and modern energy management tools can be applied from anywhere.

Advanced security features such as encrypted connections are supported to protect the system against cyber attacks.

It is even possible to run the CentraLine supervisor in a fully redundant setup, where a backup system automatically takes over operation in the event the primary supervisor system fails.

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ARENA is a web-based supervisor for HVAC systems and non-HVAC systems (e.g., Lighting, Shading, Security, Life Safety, etc.). Open systems based on standards such as BACnet, LONWORKS, OPC, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, SNMP, and others can be directly integrated in the supervisor.



WEB-HMI contain a HTML5 chromium browser for access to the web-server of plant controllers to display ARENA NX Supervisor pages.

They contain a capacitive or resistive colour touch-screen and have beautiful and robust design for control cabinet installation.