Integrated Building Management - Water Management

Water Management


The efficient use of drinking water and the protection of its quality belongs to the most important functions of a water supply installation. Armatures and components employed within a drinking water installation must provide absolute reliability.

Moreover, a stable water supply must be guaranteed 24 hours a day, with pressure variances being reduced and noise being minimized.

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The CentraLine building management solution integrates the Honeywell fluids control portfolio, thereby covering the following functional areas:

Securing – Backflow preventers, check valves and mechanical disconnectors
Drinking water quality of the public water network must be protected from adverse effect coming from a buildings drinking water installation ! EN 1717 defines fluids into five categories, pertinent to their potential health hazard when used for human consumption. Honeywell offers protection when dealing with all five categories.

Filtering – Filter, Filter combinations and strainers
In order to maintain drinking water quality it is important to protect against foreign particles, such as rust or sand, for example. Honeywell offer a patented, reverse rinsing system, which ensures an absolutely clean, particle free water supply which also serves to protect the entire water supply installation and prolong component longevity. While the filtering systems can work fully stand alone, integration to the CentraLine system allows the centraline controllers to monitor and document the automatic rinsing procedure, or even trigger the rinsing through customized algorithms.

Regulating – Pressure reducing valves and pressure regulators
Pressure reducing valves and pressure regulators protect pipes, valves and system components from damage caused by excessive water pressure. They provide effective system protection, particularly at night when consumption is reduced and the system pressure tends to rise or during a water hammer effect.

Leak detection – Leakage Alarm System (LAS)
The Leakage alarm system provides a distance read continuous monitored water leak detection with alarm facility for critical areas in commercial or high worth properties. The system displays not only the presence of a leak, but the exact location where the leak is detected. It can be used as a standalone system or be integrated with the CentraLine BMS.

Various sensors including different lengths or sensing cables, spot sensors and non sensing cable can be linked together on site without any tools to suit the site and type of monitoring requirements. Up to 3000 m equivalent length of sensing cable can be monitored using a single unit and multiple units can be integrated to a BMS to monitor larger areas on the same interface.

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Water Management




CBU144/145 Compact booster unit for fire extinguishing applications separating potable water from category 5 fluids according to EN 1717, with and without redundancy



Powder coated backflow preventer



Made of stainless steel construction and intended for use in aggressive environments, the product offers extreme, long life, corrosion resistance and a particularly low weight



Water supply unit providing an efficient combination of a check valve, a filter unit and a pressure reducing valve and ensuring an optimal protection of the downstream installation



Impeller system for more effective and safer backwash rinsing



Powder coated strainer with flanged connection made from grey, cast iron. Offering reduced flow resistance due to the optimized design and protecting the system from function failures and corrosion damage



Pressure reducing valve for use with highly variable flow rates



Pressure regulators that meet the highest requirements regarding material quality and longevity



Pressure reducing valve made of stainless steel for use in aggressive environments



Distance read continuous monitored water leak detection system with alarm facility