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Plant Control


In times of rising energy prices, more attention must be given to understanding and optimizing the energy costs of buildings. HVAC plants (e.g. air handling units, heat generators, or chillers) are the biggest energy consumers in buildings, accounting for almost 50% of the total energy bill.

In today‚Äôs heterogeneous multi-vendor systems, efficient building operation goes beyond the control of HVAC equipment: it also requires the integration of 3rd-party appliances that come with their own controllers, such as chillers, boilers, elevators, or escalators. 

Only if all building appliances and components are commonly controlled according to an overall building management strategy can operating costs be significantly reduced.

An overall building management strategy enables easy monitoring and operation of all the systems in a building, regardless of the manufacturer, and thus helps running businesses in a more sustainable and cost effective way.

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CentraLine offers a comprehensive line of HVAC plant controllers, which optimize the energy consumption and equipment lifetime of your heating plants, chillers and air-handling units. Extensive application libraries for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling solutions provide pre-tested, highly efficient algorithms, yielding proven reductions of energy consumption of up to 30%.

CentraLine also offers smart embedded integration devices, which transparently integrate 3rd-party appliances into the overall building management strategy and in parallel can be used for HVAC plant control.

Both solutions - HVAC plant controllers and integration devices - come with the full support of open protocols and allow easy graphical programming of energy-efficient control strategies. They help you to understand your building's energy consumption with the support of meters on Modbus, M-BUS, LONWORKS, or pulse, and provide direct web access, even when used without a supervisor.

Intelligent field devices such as VFDs, energy meters, sensors, valves and actuators are the foundation for the efficient control of HVAC equipment.

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Plant Control




Integrated building controller, with BACnet (IP and MSTP) incl. B-BC certification, LONWORKS (FTT-10A and IP), Modbus, M-BUS, DALI, KNX, EnOcean. Integration of lighting, shading, and other buildings applications.



HVAC plant controller with BACnet (IP and MSTP) incl. B-BC certification. Support of Modbus, M-BUS and LONWORKS FTT-10 A



Smart integration platform, with BACnet (IP and MSTP) incl. B-BC certification, LONWORKS (FTT-10A and IP), Modbus, M-BUS, DALI, KNX, EnOcean, integration of CCTV, security and fire/smoke control.


Panel I/O

Distributed I/O solutions for HVAC controllers, optionally with manual overrides which work independent of the CPU.

Distributed I/O


Distributed I/O solutions for HVAC controllers and other devices optionally with manual overrides, which work independent of the CPU.



Inverters or VFDs for energy saving through variable speed control of equipment with motors (e.g., fans, large pumps).



Vast library of control applications for heating, cooling and ventilation provides significant reduction in engineering time, and saves up to 30% of energy by means of best-in-class control algorithms. The pretested algorithms significantly reduce the probability of individual programming errors, providing excellent quality solutions. Standardization that comes with using a control library eliminates maintenance overhead, as all equipment is operated according to the same paradigm.


Unique features provide unparalleled reliability:

  • Alarm input LEDs allow individually selectable color.
  • User-definable safety position keeps your plant in a defined state even during bus interruptions.
  • Manual switches allow overrides of output points even when CPU is down.
  • When wired in a ring topology, panel I/Os can continue to communicate even in the event of a physical break in the bus.
  • Replacement of panel I/Os is possible without rewiring and without the need to do any recommissioning using a software tool.


The EAGLE and EAGELHAWK controllers can be mounted on cabinet doors, DIN-Rails or directly onto the wall. Their form factor also allows installation into lower cost fuse boxes. I/O modules that consist of 2 pieces help facilitating the installation: The socket allows for easy, fast and reliable wiring using push in terminals. The electronic module is pluggable and thus easily installable and replaceable without rewiring the sockets. EAGLE and EAGLEHAWK controllers are not using batteries or moving parts and are thus both: Maintenance free and environmentally friendly.


The EAGLE and EAGLEHAWK controllers provide several options for operation, allowing flexible operation:

  • Integrated LCD HMI, which also can be used if network is down
  • External LCD HMI, that also can be used if network is down
  • Touch screen HMI
  • HTML Browser
  • CentraLine AX Supervisor
  • All operator interfaces ARE available in multiple local languages


EAGLE/EAGLEHAWK are BTL listed and certified to conform to the BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) standard.

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