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Security & Fire


Security and Fire systems are a vital part of any commercial buildings safety strategy and are essential to protect the tenants as well as the goods and installations of a building. Amongst others, the systems are capable of detecting fire, automatically fighting fire (e.g. through the use of sprinklers), isolating the areas in danger from other parts of the building, and manage the extraction of smoke.

While security and fire systems largely work autonomously, a combination with BMS systems can help to adopt a more complete security and fire strategy, which integrates other systems to help identifying and documenting the type and location of the fire, to actively limit its spread, and to execute automated evacuation strategies.

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The CentraLine BMS system integrates smoothly with Honeywell ESSER and Notifier fire systems, and as well with other systems provided they offer an open protocol interface through BACnet, LON or ModBus. Through this integration, additional features can be realized which are not possible with a standalone fire and smoke control system. They extend beyond simple monitoring and involve an active management of critical conditions.

  • Fire alarms can be graphically shown in the standard BMS frontend, indicating the zones affected by a fire. Through this, the building operator has all essential information at hand in a single view: Temperatures, setpoints, security alarms, fire alarms and more. This greatly facilitates building monitoring. Through CCTV integration, cameras can be automatically pointed to a detected fire and video registration can be started. This helps fire fighters to determine the type and size of the fire, helping to prepare effective counter strategies and selecting the appropriate type of extinguishing agents.
  • Through access control integration, the evacuation ways can automatically be opened to allow people to quickly escape from the affected areas while allowing fire fighters to easily access the building
  • Through integration of the HVAC control system and motorized dampers, smoke can be effectively removed and the endangered area can be automatically separated from other areas in the building. This greatly helps limiting the distribution of hazardous gases and further extension of the fire.
  • Through integration with lighting control system, the lights can be used to signal emergency conditions (e.g. by blinking) and/or can be switched fully on to help tenants finding their escape routes easily.
  • Through integration with blind control systems, the shutters and blinds can be automatically opened to allow emergency exit through the windows for tenants, while providing additional entry routes for the fire fighters.
  • Through integration with security systems, intrusion alarms can be automatically deactivated in case of fire.
  • Through integration with elevators and escalators, evacuation strategies can be automatically supported. Elevators could e.g. be stopped once arrived at the evacuation floor, preventing people from getting stuck in the elevator. Escalator directions can be managed to help bringing people as quickly as possible to the evacuation floor.
  • Through overrides of leakage detection systems, an automatic shut-off of a buildings water supply can be prevented.
  • Web-enabling: As a side effect, integrating the fire system with a CentraLine BMS solution provides access through a browser to the buildings’ technical installations. This allows remotely monitoring what happens in an affected building.
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Security & Fire



Esser IQ8

As an all-rounder within the market segment for automatic fire protection in small and medium size premises, the control panel is provided with multiple features such as compact dimensions, a broad functional range and multiple expansion options as well as an excellent cost/performance ratio.


Esser FlexES

This fire detection systems can be tailored precisely to user requirements, applying six different plug-and-play modules which are fast and easy to install, replace or expand.



Notifier by Honeywell offers a range of intelligent fire alarm control panels, featuring industry-leading smoke sensing technology. The following portfolio can be included with the CentraLine via the BACnet protocol:NFS-320, NFS2-640, NFS2-3030, NFS-640, NFS-3030.