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ARENA NX is an all-in-one supervisor with heightened efficiency benefits thanks to its CentraLine Niagara eXtended add-ons. Effective workflows to improve strategic decision-making and intuitive energy management help reduce overall operational costs.

The building supervision platform manages HVAC as well as other systems such as lighting, shading, security, and more. Its open Niagara framework enables effortless cross-system integration with all standard communication protocols to efficiently manage and operate across buildings and facility infrastructures.


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ARENA NX is an ultra-modern monitoring and management solution designed for scalability and user-friendly engineering. It effectively combines visualisation, integration, monitoring and reporting into a single high-performance platform. With its capability to integrate all building systems across multiple disciplines, as well as third-party systems, it offers the ultimate flexibility. ARENA NX gathers all relevant data in an easy to understand format, which helps optimise building systems and thus improve building efficiency significantly.


Setting new benchmarks in visualisation, ARENA NX offers adjustable, predefined templates. Supervise from desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones using HMTL5 technology. No plug-ins required.



System monitoring

View real-time data as graphical system design blocks, trend diagrams or in table format. Easily monitor from a web browser, regardless of protocol, data point type, controller and operating system.

Energy management

ENERGY MANAGER is a comprehensive energy benchmarking and analysis tool that optimises facilities operations and can establish a DIN EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System. It is also German BAFA certified.




Automatic and on-demand exporting of data generates reports in CSV or PDF format. Thanks to its SQL and OPC interface, integration with other systems is made easy.


Keep track of key performance indicators on dashboards at all times. Dashboards can be created and configured by users, giving them access to essential data relevant to their role.


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