MERLIN NX Integrated Room Management


Integrated Room Management
with Niagara eXtended


Integrated Room Management

MERLIN NX is a new innovative room management system that offers:

Enhanced energy efficiency

As a freely programmable controller, MERLIN NX supports any application requirement across heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting and shading controls for higher energy efficiency.


Performance-based engineering

When using MERLIN NX with Niagara eXtended (NX), it allows Single-Tool-Engineering throughout the Building Management System as well as consistent and flexible handling options for the building operator.

Cost-effective installation and commissioning

The BACnet MS/TP based MERLIN NX ensures an economically feasible installation and commissioning for both new construction and refurbishments.


Future-proof investment

Free programmability, open Niagara and cloud-based services leave all options open for the future.

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Enhanced energy efficiency

MERLIN NX provides common control strategies across HVAC, lighting and shading while also communicating energy demands to the plant control level for optimised cooling/heating generation. It thereby ensures the highest possible classification 'A' according to EN 15232.

The freely programmable MERLIN NX supports any room application requirement. Its state-of-the-art function blocks ensure efficient engineering and the highest energy savings.


Performance-based engineering and flexibility

Niagara eXtended offers a unique set of advantages to both system partners as well as for their customers

Freely programmable

The universal NX allows seamless application coverage and common control strategies across HVAC and non-HVAC systems.


Applied across the whole building management system, NX provides consistent engineering and an operational platform for room, plant & supervisor programming as well as application testing. No integration effort needed.


Offline Engineering

Minimize engineering efforts on site through offline back-office preparation.

Live Engineering

Perform easy application optimizations on-the-fly without download anything. Also gain instant access to live values from controllers on a function block level.

Docu Generator

Automatically create customer-specific application documentation, including wiring information, project specific graphics, function block parameters and wire-sheet printouts.

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Cost-effective installation and commissioning

The MERLIN NX features largely reduce installation and commissioning cost, both for new construction and refurbishments.

Flexible mounting

As MERLIN NX is using BACnet MS/TP, a simple 3-wire installation is possible. This largely reduces cost in refurbishments, where often existing 3-wire cabling can be reused. Furthermore the compatible Sylk-Bus wall modules can re-use existing cabling, as they only need two polarity-independent wires.

Installation savings

The 24 VAC auxiliary output voltage on the controller allows direct connection and powering of field devices as well as line voltage supply and switching of line voltage for reduced installation costs.



The fully automated rollout of application changes from a master controller to all other networked controllers allows for quick adaptations whenever needed.

Differential download

This function supports a fast and system-wide application optimization.



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Future-proof investment

The freely programmable MERLIN NX easily adapts to any applications. Its vendor-independent offering (Niagara, BACnet) keeps all options open for the future as well.

In case the Niagara project got lost it is possible to recover the complete application program from the controller in original editable wire sheet format.

New Connected Building Management services can easily be utilized via the integrated cloud connector on both plant control and supervisory levels.

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