MERLIN BACnet-compliant room controller


The Smart Solution
for HVAC Room Control

MERLIN – more than a flexible

HVAC room control platform.

It is a new way of getting leading-edge, proven application know-how into your room management. And it is a new way of commissioning room applications – simply via smartphone and the RoomUp app.

Application Excellence

MERLIN covers a wide range of room control applications in an energy-efficient way:

  • 2- & 4-pipe FCU
  • 1–3 stage fan; variable speed fan
  • chilled ceiling
  • heated ceiling
  • hydronic heating
  • a mix of above applications

Applications can be easily adapted to changes or extensions during the building's lifetime via master-slave configurations.

Customer-specific application needs can be covered through freely programmable logic.

Energy Efficiency

Tested and proven high-end applications are provided with the controller. The RoomUp app guarantees guided configuration and testing of applications and therefore error-free commissioning at minimized efforts.

In accordance with EN15232, the controller has the highest efficiency rating for demand-based control of individual rooms.

For utmost energy efficiency the application supports pressure-independent control valves, 6-way valves, variable speed fans and supply and indoor air quality control.

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MERLIN Benefits


  • seamless, open protocol
  • flexible use supporting all kinds of applications


  • security of investments
  • low initial and maintenance investment
  • Green Building accreditation



  • reduced total solution cost
  • easy set-up/commissioning
  • broad range of applications


  • fast and easycommissioning
  • plug & play application
  • seamless open communication
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