EAGLEHAWK is a Niagara-based BACnet-compliant controller running heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) plants – and seamlessly integrating other buildings applications.

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From offices to data centers, schools to universities, shopping malls to airports — the seamless integration of different building applications, from HVAC to lighting, shading and metering is essential for achieving minimum operating costs and optimum working and living conditions.

EAGLEHAWK has been designed for highly energy-efficient control of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications.

Energy-efficient software

EAGLEHAWK is based on latest Niagara and Web technologies, allowing scalable solutions, offering superversion features and safeguarding your investment for the future. It is of course BACnet compliant (B-BC) and freely programmable, capable of utilizing the comprehensive CentraLine Application Library.


Cost-efficient hardware

It is also a very cost efficient solution, allowing you high levels of flexibility and it is fully scalable. The controller can be mounted on the wall, on a DN-rail or in standard fuse boxes. The concept of flexible Input/Output modules offers a multitude of benefits during installation and operation, and the Supercap concept relieves you of maintenance cost due to ist battery-less approach.

Application know-how

As a freely programmable controller, EAGLEHAWK can cover any project specific need. In addition it utilizes the CentraLine Application Library. This macro library for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications provides unparalleled energy efficiency via

  • Optimization of the control application with continuous adaptation to the building characteristics.
  • A large variety of energy-saving functions, such as
    • Air quality-based control with support of variable speed fans
    • Intelligent boiler sequencing
    • “Night purge” to reduce cooling costs in AHU
    • Support of multi talent applications with boilers, heat pumps, and solar panels.
Application know-how

Management Capability

EAGLEHAWK is a web-based controller and can be handled via standard browsers, allowing intuitive, user-friendly operation of all functions – thereby greatly improving your ability to manage your facility:

  • Alarms, Schedules, Trends, Histories, Graphics/Schematics, Email, SMS.
  • Remote access, programming, remote service
  • Energy Management functions, including metering (M-Bus, Modbus).

In larger installations controllers can be networked to an ARENA supervisor.

Application know-how

Installation Flexibility

EAGLEHAWK offers maximum flexibility and scalability by using a scalable Input/Output (IO) concept:

  • a practical mix of onboard IO functions
  • a compact mixed IO module
  • distributed IO concept (0 to 400 physical IOs) allowing distributed mounting of IO modules (up to 800m).

The distributed IO concept is maintenance-friendly due to separate wiring sockets allowing quick exchange without re-wiring.

Application know-how

Beyond HVAC control EAGLEHAWK also operates as highly innovative integration platform to connect various devices and systems in a building.

It is a native Niagara Framework® controller thereby solving the complex challenges of future oriented building integration and enterprise connectivity.


Complying to open standards is the key to safeguarding your investiment and ensuring you can react to changing needs in the future.

And, naturally, we're also backwards compatible, offering smart migration paths for existing installations.


Integration / (IoT)

EAGLEHAWK utilizes the Niagara Framework®, an integration technology which is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things. It connects and translates data from nearly any device or system—optimizing energy consumption and the overall operational cost of your building.

At the moment already more than 100 device and system drivers are available and further ones can be easily added, as niche applications and new services for buildings are developed.

EAGLEHAWK opens you the door to the Internet of things (IoT), so your building becomes smarter, more efficient, safer, uses less energy, has lower operating costs, and offers new service opportunities.




EAGLEHAWK offers you maximum control of your data and decisions.

Intuitive EAGLEHAWK Apps can be used to access data within the controller or freely configureable Web UIs can display all information as dashboards, schemetics, matrix views or whatever is required. 
ENERGY VISION, CentraLine’s energy monitoring suite, allows to display energy charts, energy dashboards and energy reports within the Web UI of the EAGLEHAWK. The extremly flexible user management system provides different access levels to display only the information that matters to the respective user.

PC browsers, tablets and smartphones can be used to access the user interface of the EAGLEHAWK.


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