Connected building supervision

Arena NX - Reaching high efficiency

requires powerful connectivity

ARENA NX is a supervisor that improves strategic decision-making by allowing for optimised
performance and energy-efficiency measures to reduce overall operational costs.

The supervision platform is designed to manage HVAC and non-HVAC systems such as lighting,
shading, security, etc. The supervisor supports all common communication protocols, thereby
integrating all systems and applications in a single structure or across multiple buildings.

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Enjoy the comfort of superior usability

ARENA NX utilises HTML5 to provide you real-time visualisations on nearly every device, whether desktop, tablet or mobile, thanks to its web serving capability.

Supported IP Protocols:

  • BACnet
  • LON
  • Modbus
  • Fidelio
  • C-Bus
  • OPC


  • MBUS
  • KNX
  • SNMP
  • Plus many more!

Data intelligence...

ARENA NX offers built-in intelligence to handle vast amounts of data from multiple sources. By utilising tag hierarchies to automatically integrate data, the supervisor platform gives users rapid access to operational facilities and the functions of their choice.

Data with meaning

The NX meta data concept empowers effective decision-making based on meaningful, real-time data. Additional information can be tagged to any integrated object offering a new level of simplification in regards to structuring, searching and preparing data for analysis.

Cross-application decision-making

Run innovative management strategies across all systems through freely programmable logic in real-time.

Personalized status notification

ARENA NX offers sophisticated alarm segregation, processing, escalation and routing. Furthermore, the supervisor platform also features e-mail alarm acknowledging.


ARENA NX follows industry best practices for cyber security, supporting secure password and latest secure communication technology.

Usage-based plant optimisation

The supervisor platform provides global schedule and calendar functions, even for devices without an internal schedule function.

Open, future-safe platform

ARENA NX is a BACnet-compliant supervisor. CentraLine BACnet compliant room and plant controllers, such as MERLIN, EAGLEHAWK and HAWK are an ideal fit to the supervisor.

Energy management

Sophisticated energy management functions included enable the set up of energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001.


...under your control

ARENA NX features a bold and intuitive new interface for advanced building monitoring and management. The modern and user-friendly platform utilizes HTML5 to provide a vast array of robust features, while also maximising control of data and security. ARENA NX allows system integrators to create role-based access for end users, including customisable charting and visualisation.

Thanks to its dynamic tag-based navigation, users can rapidly search, find and visualise data points for a more optimal workflow. Moreover, visualisation tools simplify data analysis and provide real-time troubleshooting support.

Easy web access

Stay connected, everywhere: access alarms, graphics, schedules, logs and configuration data via any mobile device and standard web browsers.

Role-based information

Real-time graphics with a freely configurable HTML5 user interface offer efficient case-specific supervision.

Smart search

Find data quickly and intuitively, by using the clear text search functionality supported by tagging.

Dashboard experience

One-screen dashboards with customisable, role-based charts offer essential information for decision-making.


Niagara eXtended (NX) is the CentraLine building management system. It is expanded upon the industry-leading Niagara software platform and offers additional benefits and value to CentraLine customers and partners.


ARENA NX by CentraLine is a powerful integration and supervision platform, offering a unified vision across all building subsystems. ENERGY VISION puts you in control of your building’s energy consumption.

Plant Control

CentraLine offers a comprehensive line of connected building management controllers for a variety of applications including HVAC and fully integrated solutions. CentraLine-specific are two further components:

Application Library
The CentraLine Application Library ensures unparalleled energy efficiency as well as maximum application reliability. Energy Class A can be attained to meet international standards such as EN 15232.

Panel BUS IO Concept
Designed to be robust and scalable, the CentraLine Panel Bus Input/Output modules support application sizes from small appliances to large systems with over 1000 IOs.

Room Control

Our extensive offering of configurable and programmable room solutions ensures both customer comfort and high-energy efficiency. Easily integrate wireless lighting and blind control solutions in accordance with EN 15232.

Investment Safeguard

Niagara eXtended allows for seamless integration of Honeywell legacy installations, including C-Bus, Lon and BACnet systems. This minimises cost of change and offers additional flexibility to upgrade installations to the Internet of Things.