Connected energy management

Monitor and optimize

the energy consumption of your entire building

ENERGY MANAGER is an energy benchmarking and analysis tool, developed as integrated solution for any type of building. It enables the user to collect and manage all aspects of energy data at one central location.

ENERGY MANAGER is the ideal system for:

  • helping manage energy, analyze, and optimize the operation of facilities
  • measuring performance across multiple standards within your propertyestablishing an Energy
  • Management System according to DIN EN ISO 50001

The software is built on Niagara eXtended (NX) using HTML5 technology and the latest cyber security standards, thereby allowing to build the browser pages you need, with whatever content you like, to suit any screen solution or device.

Energy Efficiency Reports

Save management effort, easily generate customized reports, e.g., by manager, department or auditing.


Energy Ranking

Visualize and compare the performance of your sites, buildings and plants. Increase energy efficiency by optimizing your biggest consumers.

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Energy Benchmarking

Detect low energy-efficiency areas by comparing consumptions against similar periods.

Energy Contribution

Get an overview of the energy and associated costs for different zones, buildings, or time periods.

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Visualisation is key

Centraline’s ENERGY MANAGER converts technical data into easy-to-understand visual graphics. This includes converting consumption values into real cost figures in €, £, and $.

In addition, automatic reports are sent to you via email in PDF format.

Daily Consumption

Detect inefficient energy usage by comparing multiple days across 24-hr periods.

Heat Map

Get a one screen heat map view of the yearly data of a consumer. A click on any point of the chart shows the daily profile. Easily configure the heat map.

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Stacked Bars

Stacked bar charts show the contribution of different consumers to the cumulated energy over time by day, week, month, year, and cost. Add a common allowed target/budget.

Regression Analysis

Compare your consumption with the line-of-best-fit against outdoor temperature, degree days, or any other value of interest.

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Kiosk Mode

Monitor the most important energy consumers with a rotating sequence of energy dashboard pages. Ideal for use in a building foyer or reception area. Educate occupants on how they can increase the energy efficiency in their building.

A complete solution

Analyze and optimize

ENERGY MANAGER is CentraLine’s energy monitoring suite, providing an impressive range of techniques for managing all aspects of energy-related data.

Being fully web-enabled, it allows you to monitor and analyze energy consumption locally or remotely from your platform of choice. Different access rights and viewing options allow tenants, facility managers, and service partners to optimize energy consumption.



The CentraLine system offers a variety of options to collect metering data:
• via the EAGLEHAWK and HAWK controllers
• via ARENA NX workstations
• through data import.

Data Import
Modbus, LonWorks, M-Bus, Pulse


Metering is the basis of analyzing and optimizing energy consumption. CentraLine utilizes the wide-range of Honeywell energy meters. Meters from other manufacturers can also be seamlessly integrated.

Water Metering
Heating / Chilled
Water Metering
Electrical Energy Metering

Your benefits...

  • Unveil potential energy savings

...thanks to

  • Intuitive charts and regression analysis
  • Benchmarking functionality (facilities, plan/actual)
  • Ranking of consumers

Your benefits...

  • Unveil potential energy savings

...thanks to

  • Intuitive charts and regression analysis

Your benefits...

  • Minimize costs associated with operating an EN 50001 energy management system

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  • Automatic scheduled reporting
  • Complete transparency in energy resource management
  • Increased assurance of legal compliance

Your benefits...

  • Supports class A classification of EN 15232

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  • Increased understanding of energy use and consumption via defined methods, processes of data collection

Your benefits...

  • Fast return on investment

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  • Easy integration in NX infrastructure (ENERGY VISION NX runs on HAWK controllers as well as on ARENA NX)

Your benefits...

  • Better protection for your assets and data

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  • Compliance with the latest Cyber Security standards

Your benefits...

  • Improved environmental footprint

...thanks to

  • Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint